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About Jellyware Corporation
Jellyware Corporation was founded in 2002 by a partnership of software and non-profit community experts, whose combined experience of 50+ years of successful fundraising and software development experience, were unleashed, to create and serve non-profits through technology.

When we began the creation of BasicFunder Premier, our flagship product, we found that non-profit software was all very expensive, hard to use and poorly designed.  It was troublesome to see so much money spent on software and not on the goals of the organization.  Our primary mission is the service of non-profit agencies by providing software that is full featured, easy to use and at a cost that lets the non-profit invest more money in their work and less on administration.

We focus our target market for BasicFunder Premier on small and mid-size non-profits - a market largely neglected by software vendors who aim at large organizations.  We focus on you and your needs because our belief is that everyone deserves great software at an affordable price.

Make it useful.  We know you need the core capabilities to manage donors, prospects, addresses, donations, receipting and lists.  But, without additional cost, as you grow, you have integration with accounting software, credit card and direct deposit, easy direct mailing, email broadcasts, email receipts, instant reports, capital campaign tracking, pledge tracking, event management, volunteer tracking, powerful data import and export facilities and more.

Make it simple.  We made BasicFunder Premier easy to use, intuitive, and without jargon.  Continually we listen to our customer feedback and improve our software.  Setup, administration and day to day activities are clearly organized in menus.    Drop down lists, calendars, and data validation assist you in accurately and quickly recording and managing lots of data.

Make it affordable.  Most software today is too expensive.  In part, because it is sold on a per user basis.    Smaller non-profits end up using a homegrown Excel, Access or ad-hoc database, which does a poor job.  You end up spending more time and money on getting the tools working, than having the tools working for you.  No surprises, no hidden costs.  BasicFunder Premier from Jellyware Corporation is affordable at $399 per organization.  Not per user - one cost, for the complete organization.  You donít even have to purchase support, it is included for first year, and costs only $120 per year thereafter if you need it.
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About Jellyware Corporation
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