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BasicFunder Software Features Premier Lite
Donor, Prospect, Volunteer, Contact, Organization (anyone) - full profile X X
Donation Management and History X X
Thank You Letters with Individual or Annual Donation Receipts X X
Unlimited number of Donor and Donation records X X
Grouping / Segmenting Constituients X X
Communications - Direct Mail and Email Broadcasting X X
Multi User in an office network X X
Accounting Integration with QuickBooks and Sage X X
In Memory/Honor Of Notification Letters X X
Volunteer Management X
Event Management X
Pledge Tracking X
Recurring Donations X
To Do and Reminder Prompting X
MailChimp Integration X
PayPal, Bambora, Stripe, CrowdChange - Import Donors/Donations X
Reports - Complete Suite of Built-in Reports and Statements X X
Ad Hoc Reports - User Created Lists with Data Export to Excel X X
User Created Forms/Reports X
Import Data - Names and Addresses, Donations, Contact History X X
User Defined additional Custom Data Fields X
User Report Changes and Customizations X
Foreign Currency Exchange Rate X
Contact Relationship History Tracking X X
Membership Features X X
User Security and Feature Restrictions - Database Backup and Utilities X X
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