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Take a tour and see for yourself just how easy BasicFunder is...
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Introduction to BasicFunder Premier
Entering a Donation
Custom Defined Data
Learn Tabular Statistics
Email Broadcasting
User Created Lists - Exporting
Direct Mailing
Import Donations
Importing Names and Addresses
Recording a New Donor
Letters Overview
An introduction to the basics of BasicFunder Premier.
Guides you through the steps of entering a donation.
How to setup an automated email broadcast in BasicFunder.
Outlines the different types of statements and how they are used and printed.
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Create a table that can breakdown amounts by month, year, type etc. and display results in chart.
How to setup, edit and print letters for direct mailing.
How to add a new donor to your database.
Import donors and donations from a spreadsheet.
How to setup custom data fields.
Set reminders for events, meetings to notify you day of, week of, etc.
Import names and addresses from external files such as Excel spreadsheets or text files.
An overview of the types of letters and how to edit, set them up and print.
Export a User Created List to a text file, word document or spreadsheet.
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Group Assistant
Name and Address Form
Donation Form
Quickly add and remove donors from groups using the Group Assistant.
This tutorial explains elements of the Name and Address Form.
This tutorial goes over all the features on the Donation Form including breakdown into funds.
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Labels and Envelopes
How to generate labels and envelopes and print them for groups or categories of donors.
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Setting Up A Walk-A-Thon
Setting up an appeal, adding participants and sponsors, writing pledge reminders, etc.
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Custom Letterhead and Footer
Customizing letterhead and footers to include a logo, different fonts and more.
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RFM Analysis
Using RFM Analysis to find one-time donors from
2-3 years ago and export to groups or spreadsheet.
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MailChimp Integration
Learn how BasicFunder will sync email addresses with your MailChimp lists.